Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chest Work Out and Meal Plan

I wasn't always a fan of eating breakfast. If you're not used to eating early in the morning, you may find it difficult to even swallow your food without feeling like it's quite forceful. Like any other process, it takes time to adapt. I try to have breakfast within the first 15 minutes after I wake up because it is important to start up our metabolism. Our bodies are pretty much starved while we're asleep, so it is necessary to refuel. I typically have the same breakfast meal during the weekdays because it's faster to prepare and eat prior to taking off to work/school.

Peanut Butter on Wheat toast, Kashi Go Lean with fat free milk, low carb protein shake. I prefer taking the multivitamin with breakfast so there's plenty of time for absorption of the vitamins and minerals to occur for usage during the entire day.
This is what I carry in my lunch bag to work daily. A sandwich, 2 chicken and sweet potato meals, and about 4-5 fruits.

About 2 and half hours later, I have a sandwich (I'm usually done with breakfast at 6:30am and out the door to work). When I'm at work, I typically time myself to eat around 9:00ish.

2 slices of whole wheat bread with lettuce and 98% fat free ham. I typically have a fruit with every meal.

At 10:30ish I have another low carb protein shake with an apple for refueling purposes prior to the gym at 11:15 to 11:30ish. An apple works well for me prior to the gym, especially, if i start to feel a bit hungry or feel as if my blood sugar is starting to decline.

As for the gym portion of my day, I typically go during my lunch hour at work because we're located conveniently next to a 24 Hour Fitness. For my work out, I like to strive for higher intensity and try to not spend as much time at the gym. I aim for intensity levels that will physically make me struggle for the 45 minutes. Rest times are minimized in between sets. Work outs longer than an hour send your body into a catabolic stage and you result in breaking up the building blocks in your body (protein) for energy. If you're trying to build muscle mass, this would be counterintuitive to your goal.

I tend to start off by warming up. I do this by doing incline interval runs on the treadmill. I alternate walking for a minute followed by running for a minute during the 10 minute duration.

I worked with the barbell today for my chest work out. My chest has been a weak point, so I always try my best to push my limits.

Flat Bench
  • 2 Sets for warm up (135lbs)
  • 5 Working sets (increase in weight as set progresses: 185 to 225)
  • 1 Burn out set (135lbs)
I am definitely struggling at this weight that's why I needed a spotter. My aim here is to make my muscles struggle and tear some muscle fibers so they can rebuild and strengthen.

My goal has been to be able to bench these 2 plates on my own, but I currently can't. Regardless, I try to push my limits every day until failure, which helps me keep the intensity level high and productive.

Decline Bench
  • 2 Sets at 135 lbs
  • 3 Sets at 155 lbs
  • 1 Burn out set at 135 lbs
At this point, I am pretty tired, but I am just trying to keep pushing. It's helpful to have a work out buddy during these times just in case you feel like the weights will drop on you ahahaha.

Incline Bench
  • 4 Sets at 115 lbs
  • 1 Set at 135 lbs
By the time I start doing incline bench, I'm running short on time and I'm definitely fatigued. I just try my best to do as much as I can, especially, since this is a tough routine for me.

Once I hit the locker room, I drink my protein shake (Muscle Milk Light) before showering and getting ready to head back to work. I choose this protein shake because it has some carbs in it which is essential for a post-work out recovery since your muscles are depleted of the fuel. It also has only 20 grams of proteins which is under the amount of absorption per meal (30g) since I will be eating in half an hour. I drink the protein shake right after the work out and do not wait after the showers to prevent from going into catabolism. I use protein as a way to buy me time before I can have another chance to eat.

For the remainder of the day, here's what I eat for every 2-3 hours.

Chicken breast with baked sweet potatoes and an orange.

I'm usually home by this time so I can have a soup with my meal. Chicken breast, baked sweet potatoes, cabbage and tofu soup, and an orange.

Chicken breast with cauliflower, mushrooms, and green bell peppers.

These are some pics of then and now. I am pretty much aiming for Hanh's pic for the month of July in the 2007 calendar issue LOL.


March 2010

January 2011

I'm currently trying to get a bit leaner. I want to develop my lower abs and obliques. I am also trying to strengthen my chest and back. As for size, I am happy with the way I am at 150 lbs, so I am trying to lean up and just maintain my size.